Why we exist

Through our decades of experience in psychology, neuroscience and resilience, it became clear that both individuals and organisations are in need of improved tools to build wellbeing.

Precisely, we need tools that are engaging, integrated, scientifically validated and will make a measurable difference.

RForce was born from this burning desire to better equip people to help them thrive. The power of improved resilience and wellbeing in one person is significant - the effect flows through to their homes, partners, children, friends, colleagues, workplaces, and communities. By strengthening individual people, we strengthen our teams, organisations, and the larger society.

However, we are not content with helping only a few people - our aim is to make a global impact. To do this, we’d need a platform that can scale on a global level - scalable beyond the capability of traditional approaches.


This is why we built our wellbeing platform - a highly sophisticated, engaging, scientific, and infinitely scalable solution with the capability to impact globally on wellbeing and resilience.

As an ever-evolving platform, you get the benefit of being on the cutting edge of digital wellbeing, psychology and practical neuroscience research.

Join us in a global quest to advance the resilience of people, workplaces, and communites.


Make a measurable difference

Our extensive experience in the corporate environment means that we are aware that helping individuals is not enough. You need to be able to prove and quantify the value of your investment. This is why our ability to show measurable improvement is critical for a sustainable wellbeing programme.

The RForce curriculum encompasses enabling factors of wellbeing - without these, an individual would not be able to start with and stick to the healthy mental and physical habits to achieve lasting wellbeing improvement.

“The perfect long-term partner for sustainable positive cultural change”

We measure wellbeing across six unique and well-defined domains to define and starting point and illuminate the ideal path to improvement for individuals and teams. From there, our neuro-enabled change curriculum kicks in boost wellbeing, followed by regular re-measurement to track your organisation’s wellbeing index.

What does this mean? It means that you are investing in data that enables you to prove and quantify the value of your wellbeing programme. This makes RForce the perfect long-term partner for sustainable positive cultural change.

An integrated approach

Personal resilience and wellbeing is just that - personal. Much of the journey to self-actualisation is a personal endeavour. The role for the organisation is to facilitate provide access to resources while the individual takes the next step.

We will work with you to find an ideal launch and maintenance strategy to make the maximum difference for individuals, your organisation, and the broader community. Our experience in the corporate world has allowed us to develop a realistic and integrated approach - get in touch and let’s get started.

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