Become an Accredited Driven Practitioner - Open to HR practitioners, Training Managers, People Managers & More.

As an Accredited Driven Practitioner become accredited in the ground-breaking new ways to measure and develop resilience - improving the overall performance & wellbeing of individuals and the organisation, particularly during times of stress and change.



Following this interactive workshop, you will be able to:

  • Access an online system to manage participants, measure resilience and provide training
  • Have access to hard copy and online training materials and videos for resilience training
  • Be registered as an Accredited Driven Practitioner


As a unique component of the accreditation course, training includes an assessment of your understanding and your resilience coaching skills.

In addtion, a customised curriculum built on the components below is available based on what can maximise the value of resilience for you.

Strategic Resilience

Learn how to develop resilience strategies to fit your organisations strategy. Explore how to best understand root causes, customise analytics and develop insights.

Holistically assess and understand the current and predicted results across teams and organisations for engagement, absenteeism, retention, risk management, and more.

Learn how to position strategic solutions and how to quantify benefits (click to read more).

Develop Coaching Skills

As needed, include additional skills based training to improve specific areas such as coaching, change management, organisational efficiency and resilience skills to build and maintain a resilient culture.

The neuroscience of resilience

Learn about the neuroscience of resilience and how that drives the approach and structure of the resilience development course.

The Resilience Domains

Vision, Composure, Reasoning, Tenacity, Collaboration, Health. These are the six domains of resilience you will learn about. Each domain is explained in detail along with the content of the online training materials.

Resilience Measurement & Reporting

The resilience questionnaire and reports are explained, including how to effectively interpret reports and debrief participants on their results. Interpersonal skills are covered to build your capacity as a resilience coach, including skills focusing on managing difficult conversations.

The Driven Resilience Development Program

Driven’s daily microtasks comprehensively build neural pathways to effectively facilitate long-term resilience improvement. The program is discussed in detail, as well as mechanics of how it works as an automated web-enabled platform.

Using Driven

Technical aspects of how to use the platform is discussed, enabling you to manage your own set of users, teams and tailor the system functionality to suit your needs.

Practical Examples

Examples and case studies are provided to give clear and practical advice on how the program can be used effectively. This includes application with individuals, with small groups, with large groups, businesses, schools, and more. Example training formats are provided, as well as options for measurement and full resilience development.


This training ensures you have the right skills to foster resilience in your participants and provide strategic resilience guidance in your context. Training is suitable for:

  • HR practitioners
  • Leaders and managers
  • Learning & development professionals
  • Organisational training professionals
  • Training consultants
  • Talent managers
  • Recruitment professionals
  • Coaches-in-training


Customised accreditation courses are available for you and your organisation.

Workshops are available for public access or can be provided in-house at your organisation.

If you have a group of internal professionals interested in getting accredited, get in touch so we can come to you.

Benefits for your organisation

  • The program can be tailored to your organisation
  • Learn together as a group and discuss potential application in more detail
  • Define a resilience strategy for your organisation and how to multiply the benefits of building resilience in your people


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