Become a Certified Resilience Coach - Open to Psychologists, Clinicians and Coaches.

Gain access to a ground-breaking program based on neuroscience to assess and build resilience capacity. Driven allows you to integrate automation into your practice to dramatically enhance your services and the difference you can make to the lives of your clients.



Following this fast-paced and interactive training, you will be able to:

  • Access an online system to manage participants, measure resilience and provide training
  • Have access to online training materials and videos for resilience training
  • Be registered as a Certified Resilience Coach

Brain-Based Training

Through this workshop you will gain insight into the findings of neuroscience that explore the brain’s domains of wellness.

The PR6 measures the capacity of these domains and directs the user towards strategies to enhance the domains based on the principles of neural plasticity.

Digitally Enabled

Through an online platform called Driven, the resilience program can be used for measurement and resilience development.

Long-term change is facilitated through a comprehensive online course utilising new microtask technology to build neural pathways and embed resilience habits and skills.


1. The neuroscience of resilience

Understand the fundamental neuroscience concepts that drive resilience. See how these concepts relate to resilience and gain an ability to explain these to your clients.

2. The Resilience Domains

Vision, Composure, Reasoning, Tenacity, Collaboration, Health. These are the six domains of resilience you will learn about. Each domain is explained in detail along with the content of the online training materials.

3. Resilience Measurement & Reporting

The structure of the PR6 questionnaire is discussed, including the interpretation of reports. A sample report is walked through and all areas explained. Momentum as a predictive measure within the report is explained.

4. The Driven Resilience Development Program

Driven’s daily microtasks comprehensively build neural pathways to effectively facilitate long-term resilience improvement. The program is discussed in detail, as well as mechanics of how it works as an automated web-enabled platform.

5. Using Driven

Together on your own laptop or mobile phone, we walk through the online platform. Functionality and system settings are explained to tailor Driven to your needs. We run through a demo of adding clients and measurement. Available resources and support are explained.

6. Practical Examples

Explanation of how you can use the program in a clinical format, as a coach, with individuals, with small groups, with large groups, businesses, schools, and more. Example training formats are discussed, as well as options for measurement and full resilience development.

7. AI & The Future of Coaching

Learn about how we use artificial intelligence and automation to help you achieve more behavioural change. We explore the future of coaching.

8. Certification & Session Close

Ending the day, certificates are provided to participants. Time for additional questions is available.


  • Psychologists and clinicians
  • Organisational psychologists
  • School psychologists & counsellors
  • Life and executive coaches
  • Sport psychologists and performance coaches
  • Wellness and wellbeing professionals
  • Mental health professionals

Brilliant with an excellent model & well presented materials. Excellent visuals & engaging practice activities & discussions

Well structures & well delivered

Excellent thanks so much. Expectations were high & it didn't disappoint

Love the access to presentation materials - gives confidence to really start using this program. Great venue too

Thank you :) Thoroughly enjoyed!

Excellent & inspirational

Thanks very much, looking forward to use the PR6!

Found the practical aspect of training & the resources provided very helpful.

Informative & enjoyable day. I am looking forward to using the system. Thank you :)

Thank you for informative in a practical clean training & ideas for implementation. Good venue & like the catering. Thank you


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*Certification Workshops are available only to psychologists and coaches. If this is not you, please use our Accreditation Training to start using Driven.
+Direct access to Driven is also available to psychologists and coaches here.


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