We provide personal resilience measurement and training as a comprehensive enterprise package called Driven.

Driven is ideal as an enterprise resilience and wellbeing development tool. Through automation, we provide a tailored digital service that deliver simplicity and flexibility with powerful results.



  • Scalable – Whether you have 1 employee or 100,000, Driven scales with you to suit your needs.
  • Quick delivery – Need it urgently? Use Driven off-the-shelf to get your people up and running fast.
  • Customisable – Driven runs on a flexible in-house training platform that can be custom branded. If you have specialised content you’d like to include, we can add that in as a component of the training.
  • An investment in data – Driven provides consistent and high-quality data across all your people. This data becomes more useful over time, clarifying and informing decisions on culture, performance, retention, management style, and investment through customised analytics.

  • Integration – For larger organisations, Driven can be integrated with existing HR platforms, including single sign-on.

Driven is suitable for large scale implementation to provide quality coaching to all your people.

Organisational Fit

This program has been successfully used by many different types of organisations.

Given the inherent customisability, organisation-specific content can be added as needed.

  • Financial institutions
  • Government departments
  • Industrials & mining businesses
  • Technology businesses
  • Sports clubs
  • Schools
  • Universities

Driven covers all aspects of resilience to enable individuals to improve their own wellbeing and achieve sustainable success.

Launch Guidance

Through our structured launch program, we will provide you with communication plans and guidance to successfully implement Driven in your organisation.

By using this approach, our clients average at an 87% participation rate, well above industry averages.

Enhance outcomes through bring in a certified resilience coach to introduce the program and follow up with individual teams.

Our Accreditation Program creates strategic resilience experts in your organisation to develop a truly resilient culture.


For the first time, have a quick clear picture of not just individual resilience, but the overall resilience and wellbeing across your organisation. Identify strengths and risks, review lead indicators on future engagement, explore links and solutions to areas of challenges in change management, sustainability, performance, absenteeism and turnover.

We maintain an analytics capability to produce custom reporting based on the questions you’d like to answer. The advantage is evidence-based human resource management with investment decisions supported by data. A few examples:

  • Compare departments and identify strengths and risks throughout the organisation.
  • Predictive insights – Measure likely change in resilience through psychological approach and avoid patterns.
  • Performance – Quantify how higher wellbeing improves performance.
  • Engagement – Use resilience measurement as a leading indicator of engagement scores.
  • Retention – Measure what leads to loss of key staff and how resilience improves retention.
  • Flexible working – Determine how part time and flexible working affects wellbeing.
  • Absenteeism – Quantify how different levels of wellbeing impacts stress and sick leave.
  • Safety & incidents – Find and promote behaviours that contribute to safety and reduce risk.
  • Benchmarking – Compare resilience with other organisations.

Never seen anything like it. The benefits analytics is exactly what we’ve been looking for

These reports are much more useful than our engagement surveys

Helped us as a team to kick off activities to improve wellbeing

Super easy and modern, and I liked how little time it took to complete

Really useful. It gave me specific things to work on with my team

Highly perceptive reports. Impressed that it calls out strengths and keeps it practical

1 – 200 people

Fast launch
Easy to implement
Suit any size team

200+ people

Comprehensive service
Data & insights
Expand on demand

Our vision at RForce is for everyone to have access to high quality resilience training.
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