The Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale (PR6) is a holistic, forward-looking psychometric measurement.

It measures the crucial resilience skills that lead to the achievement of wellbeing and personal success.



The PR6 is a neuroscience-based psychometric resilience measurement device

It helps clinicians and coaches measure resilience and provide training

The PR6 is delivered online, providing instant feedback and reporting

The PR6 is an advanced and efficient resilience psychometric measurement. Through a 3-min questionnaire, the PR6 identifies resilience across 6 distinct domains of resilience.

The PR6 also measures Momentum, which provides a forward-looking, predictive element to the resilience measurement. This indicates likely direction of development from the current point-in-time resilience score.

The Momentum directional score indicates potential movement through measuring psychological approach and avoidance motivation schemas. This makes the PR6 useful for application in clinical settings and for general coaching purposes, and helps to identify the need for preventative resilience development.

Target Participants

This is an all-round resilience measurement psychometric that has had participants from 14 years-old and upwards.

Through our dynamic context setting, language can be tailored to the intended audience through a few quick clicks.

We have seen highly successful application of the PR6 in various environments:

  • Corporate applications
  • Clinical & coaching
  • Schools & education
  • Top sporting teams

Simplicity Improves Impact

Reports are informative and actionable. The resilience reports can be produced both at an individual and team level, providing insight at multiple levels.

One of the great drivers of success is that PR6 measurement is useful both at personal and professional levels. The results relate to all areas of one’s life, making this a true long-term investment in wellness.

The program is ideal for groups or teams, as team-based reporting identifies team trends and fosters communication to uncover root cause and improve together.

Scientifically Validated

The PR6 is based on the core neurobiological foundations that underpin resilience. These are identified in our original research available online here.

Through this research the PR6 was scientifically validated as a psychometric scale with a Chronbach’s alpha of 0.7364, indicating good internal consistency.

Our focus on neuroscience enables identification of more effective ways to build resilience, leading to comprehensive resilience microlearning training also available through the Driven platform.


The PR6 is delivered online through our unique microlearning platform called Driven.

  • The Driven platform is cloud-based and designed to work seamlessly on any device, including PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile devices.
  • Participants can access Driven at any time on either corporate or personal devices.
  • Driven is accessible locally and internationally – anywhere with an internet connection and a device to access it on.
  • The PR6 can easily be applied in organisational, coaching and clinical environments.


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